Steel Rule Dies

Artistic is an award-winning company
for die work and has served the industry
since 1927.

• Steel rule dies:
laser or precision vision produced

• From the most intricate of dies to dies
as large as you need
(virtually no size limitation)

• Dies are produced from our design
staff, customers' specifications or
artwork,computer files

• From 1 1/2 points to 4 points

• From heights of .400 to 2" high rule

• Dies manufactured for scoring, kiss
cutting, heat sealing, or die cutting
(including aluminum backed dies with
routed out back up boards for
deep cavities)

• Artistic has an extensive inventory
of wood, rule, rubber and punches

• Only the finest materials used

Die Cutting

Artistic is an award-winning company for
die cutting and has served the industry
since 1927. Our press department has
the following capabilities:

• Scoring, die cutting, kiss cutting or
thermal kiss cutting

• Presses designed for the smallest of
sheets up to a 55" x 78 1/2" sheet

• We use "Heidelberg" cylinders for thin
to moderate stocks

•Bobst presses for heavier sheets
with dual action stripping

• Auto fed platens

• Hand fed platens (for smaller
quantity runs or much thicker stocks)

• High speed 41" auto platen die cutter
capable of 7,500 sheets per hour


Artistic is an award-winning company
for die cutting and has served the
industry since 1927. Our embossing
presses have the following capabilities

• From the smallest of sheets up
to a 55" x 78" sheet

• Artistic has auto fed platens for
smaller sheets

• Hand fed platens for small runs

• Bobst for large quantities

• All presses have a wide range of heat
for embossing or thermal kiss cutting

• Up to 500 tons of pressure

• Magnesium plates, copper plates and
brass or duplicate plates are offered

• Artistic was presented with the "Award
of Excellence" on a combo foil stamped
and embossed piece of literature

Foil Stamping

Artistic is an expert in foil stamping not
only on paper but also over inks and
various coatings offered today, as well
as over liquid and roll laminations. If
you couple this with our knowledge of
foil stamping on vinyls, poly-ethylene
and many other different materials used
for outdoor items such as signs and toys
you can see why we were recognized with
the award of excellence.

• From the smallest of sheets up
to a 28" x 41"

• Multiple foil colors can be
run simultaneously

• Plates are available in Magnesium
or Copper

• Artistic not only deals with the
printing industry but also presently
enjoys relationships with 15 other
various industries.

• High speed foil stanping sheets up
to 28" by 41"


Artistic provides virtually all
aspects of hand-assembled and
machine packaging work including
the following specifications:

• Computerized, programmable cutting

• Folding

• Collating

• Shrink-wrapping

• Thermal folding (for permanent
bends on shelf talkers, etc.)

• Folder/gluer for pocket folders

• Transverse folder for gluing cartons,
VCR & CD sleeves, reverse tuck in cartons
and a large variety of various shapes
and sizes

New Equipment

Artistic has added folding and gluing capabilites with the addition of our Universal 900XL Gluer.